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Move from chaos to calm at mealtimes and start enjoying feeding your child again! 

Do you wish that ...

  • Your child would eat a variety of foods, instead of what seems like a diet of crackers and bread?

  • You could enjoy pleasant family mealtimes, instead of wishing it was over before it started?

  • You only cooked ONE meal that everyone ate, instead of catering to individual requests?

  • You had confidence your child was getting all the nutrients required for growth, instead of worrying about his or her health?

  • You knew how to talk about food to your child in a positive way, instead of worrying about "messing up" your child's relationship with food?

Imagine if those wishes came true!

You would feel confident knowing that you have a proven strategy in place; no more second guessing about what works.

You would feel calm, cool and collected at mealtimes, able to have a conversation with your family members instead of begging your child to take just one more bite. 

You would sleep well at night, knowing that your child is growing in the way he or she is meant to grow and not missing out on any nutrients. 

You would drive your child off to work, college or university someday knowing that you did everything you could to raise a competent, intuitive eater who enjoys eating and has a good relationship with food.

Does that feel impossible?

You've tried everything and nothing has worked. In fact, you're pretty sure that you've made things worse! Now you're scared to try anything new that will make the situation even more dreadful than it already is.
Child pushing away a plate of vegetables

Your parent heart knows there is a way to have calm and enjoyable meals but it won't be a quick fix!

You believe that if you had the right supports in place, including a step-by-step actionable and realistic plan, and accountability from an experienced professional and community of other parents who are in the same boat, it would feel a lot more "doable".
Boy and mom eating peaches.

Next session starts Fall 2021

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Course Design

This 6-week course has 6 modules or units (plus an introduction and bonus section). Each module has 5 lessons with accompanying 5-10 minute videos and a workbook with all the content, action-oriented strategies, activities, checklists, reflections and printables to keep you on track and make this as simple as possible.

Think of each week as a step that you will take to ultimately lead you to having a positive food strategy in your home that works for you and your children.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • STEP 1: Welcome Video

    • STEP 2: Program Overview Video

    • STEP 3: Live zoom call schedule

    • STEP 4: Getting Support

    • STEP 5: Tell us about YOU!

    • STEP 6: Terms of Service Agreement & Privacy Policy

    • DOWNLOAD: Course Roadmap

    • Join the LIVE ZOOM Intro Call: Wed. June 9th @ 8 P.M. ET

    • Live Intro Call REPLAY Video (June 9, 2021)

  • 2

    Week 1 - Discovering the Root Cause

    • FIRST: answer this one question

    • DOWNLOAD: Week 1 Workbook

    • Introduction to Week 1

    • Lesson 1 Video: Picky Eating Overview

    • Lesson 2 Video: Biological Factors

    • Lesson 3 Video: Child Factors

    • Lesson 4 Video: Parental Factors

    • Lesson 5 Video: The 7 C's to Success

    • DOWNLOAD: Food Relationship Assessment Tool

    • DOWNLOAD: 7 C's to Success Printable

    • DOWNLOAD: Caregiver Email Template

    • Survey: End of Week 1

  • 3

    Week 2 - The Feeding Strategy

    • FIRST: answer this one question

    • DOWNLOAD: Week 2 Workbook

    • Introduction to Week 2

    • Lesson 1 Video: Your Feeding System Overview

    • Lesson 2 Video: Parent's Job - The WHAT

    • Lesson 3 Video: Parent's Job - The WHEN

    • Lesson 4 Video: Parent's Job - The WHERE

    • Lesson 5 Video: Child's Job - The IF/HOW MUCH

    • DOWNLOAD: Deconstructed Meal Ideas

    • DOWNLOAD: Mealtime Conversation Starters

    • DOWNLOAD: Hunger and Fullness Scales

    • Survey: End of Week 2

  • 4

    Week 3 - The Learning Strategy

    • FIRST: answer this one question

    • DOWNLOAD: Week 3 Workbook

    • Introduction to Week 3

    • Lesson 1 Video: The Learning Eater Mindset

    • Lesson 2 Video: Learning at the Table

    • Lesson 3 Video: Learning at Play

    • Lesson 4 Video: Learning in the Kitchen

    • Lesson 5 Video: Learning Mealtime Manners

    • DOWNLOAD: Safe Food Handling for Kids

    • RESOURCE: Food Exploration Placemat

    • Survey: End of Week 3

    • Join the LIVE ZOOM Call: Wed. June 30th @ 8:00 p.m. ET

    • Coaching Call Replay (June 30th)

  • 5

    Week 4 - The Growing Strategy

    • FIRST: answer this one question

    • DOWNLOAD: Week 4 Workbook

    • Introduction to Week 4

    • Lesson 1 Video: Growth 101

    • Lesson 2 Video: Growth Curves

    • Lesson 3 Video: At risk underweight

    • Lesson 4 Video: At risk overweight

    • Lesson 5 Video: Talking to kids about bodies

    • DOWNLOAD: Boosting Calories for the Child at Risk of Underweight

    • Body Positive Books for Children

    • Survey: End of Week 4

  • 6

    Week 5 - The Nutrition Strategy

    • FIRST: answer this one question

    • DOWNLOAD: Week 5 Workbook

    • Introduction to Week 5

    • Lesson 1 Video: Food guides for families

    • Lesson 2 Video: Fat, Protein & Carbohydrates

    • Lesson 3 Video: Iron

    • Lesson 4 Video: Calcium & Vitamin D

    • Lesson 5 Video: Supplements

    • DOWNLOAD: Iron-rich foods (animal and plant sources)

    • DOWNLOAD: Navigating Cereals and Granola Bars

    • DOWNLOAD: Deli meat-free, nut-free sandwich ideas

    • DOWNLOAD: Snack Ideas

    • Survey: End of Week 5

  • 7

    Week 6 - The Happy Feeder & Eater Strategy

    • FIRST: answer this one question

    • DOWNLOAD: Week 6 Workbook

    • Introduction to Week 6

    • Lesson 1 Video: Meal Planning & Meal Prep

    • Lesson 2 Video: Packing School Lunches

    • Lesson 3 Video: Travelling & Eating Out

    • Lesson 4 Video: Managing Sweets and Treats

    • Lesson 5 Video: Raising an Intuitive & Mindful Eater

    • DOWNLOAD: Weekly Meal Planning Tool

    • DOWNLOAD: Freezer Inventory Sheet

    • DOWNLOAD: Master List Planner

    • Survey: End of Week 6

    • Join the LIVE ZOOM Call: Wed. July 21 @ 8 P.M. ET

    • Coaching Call Replay (July 21, 2021)

  • 8

    BONUS Content! Interviews with the experts!

    • Interview with Shannon Rolph, OT - Sensory Processing

    • Interview with Shannon Rolph, OT - Childhood Anxiety and Feeding

    • Interview with Heather Mileski, RD - Navigating Constipation

    • Interview with Nikki Carter, MSW, RSW - Childhood Temperament (Anxious and Strong-Willed Children)

  • 9

    Next Steps

    • Final Course Survey / Feedback Form!

    • Moving Forward

Incredible Bonuses

This is not your average online course!

  • Group coaching calls

    Have you ever had a DIY fail? That's why this is not a DIY course! I will be checking in with you twice (at the middle and end of the course) on live group video coaching calls to answer ALL your questions so that you don't get stuck anywhere in your journey to peaceful family meals.

  • Perks

    Course members get access to an exclusive savings code for a Food Exploration Mat by registered dietitian Dani, from Experience Delicious LLC. NEW for winter 2021 are teaching videos with food exploration activities using these mats!

  • NEW! Interviews with top experts!

    Newly added to the course are insight interviews from other health care professionals including an occupational therapist and social worker on topics related to picky eating and nutrition, sensory processing, and childhood anxiety!

Meet Rosanne

Your course instructor

Hi there! I'm Rosanne, a registered dietitian who specializes in pediatric nutrition, helping children from infants to adolescents to grow well and have a positive relationship with food. More importantly I'm a mom who GETS IT! I was in your shoes years back with my oldest child who was a picky eater. I understand what you're going through. But I know there is a way out of it and I will help you get there!
Making a salad in a kitchen

This course is for you if ...

  • You have a picky eater and do not want to use force, pressure, bribery or bartering to start to turn picky eating around

  • You are willing to consistently implement strategies, even it feels more challenging before it gets easier

  • You like an easy-to-digest, step-by-step plan that is simple to move through on your own or with your parenting partner

  • You want your child to grow up with a good relationship with food

  • You are willing to trust your child throughout the process!

  • You have realistic expectations when it comes to your child's eating potential, which does not include 3 perfectly balanced meals every day.

Don't struggle on your own anymore

If feeding your child feels challenging to you, it's time to get the support you need

Here's what you get when you join!

  • Expert Live Coaching

    Two LIVE 1-hour group coaching calls, plus an on-boarding meet-and-greet call. These calls make sure you understand everything and don't get stuck!

  • Video lessons

    5 short pre-recorded video lessons every week. Watch the entire week of course content in less time than an episode of your favourite Netflix show!

  • Workbooks

    6 downloadable workbooks with checklists, tips and reflections that are yours to keep forever!

  • Email updates

    Weekly e-mail updates to support your progress and check-in. This helps you keep on track to make your way through the course.

Chaos 2 Calm gives you a roadmap

This 6-step process walks you through a strategic approach to calm mealtimes and nurturing your learning eater

Step 1: The Parenting Strategy

This is where you will gain clarity around the many factors that influence your child's food intake and eating behaviour. We will look at child-factors, parent-factors (including your own relationship with food and family food history/culture), and societal factors. This work provides clarity around root causes, which informs next steps.

Step 2: The Feeding Strategy

Here we will build the foundation for exactly HOW to feed children using a positive parenting model. You will learn the difference between your job vs. your child's job in feeding and how to finally put an end to your mealtime battles including dealing with the restless child, the "eww, yuck!" child, the "I want a snack" child and many more!

Step 3: The Learning Strategy

Now we will focus our attention on how we can create an environment conducive to learning to like new foods from a family-based approach. Whether at the table, at play or in the kitchen, you will have lists with age-appropriate ideas on how to nurture your learning eater in a fun and engaging way. 

Step 4: The Growing Strategy

Next we will learn more about how children grow, interpreting those confusing growth charts, what 'underweight' and 'overweight' and BMI really mean, and how to talk to children about growth in a body positive way. 

Step 5: The Nutrition Strategy

Only after we have established the first 4 steps, will we take a look at nutrition. The "how" of feeding comes before the "what" of feeding. Here you will learn about common nutrients of concern for picky eaters and foods that provide these nutrients, as well as when to consider supplements and how to choose the right ones.

Step 6: The Happy Eater Strategy

Finally, we will pull all the steps together to look at how we raise intuitive eaters, including managing high rewards foods, dealing with travel and holidays and some tips and tricks around meal planning to keep your weekdays sane and civil!

We like small groups

Groups run with a maximum of 15 participants so you get the attention you deserve!

Live Group Call Schedule

What students are saying ...

Let parents who have used this plan do the talking

Calmer mealtimes

Julia, Mom of 2, Manitoba CA

Before participating in Chaos 2 Calm, mealtimes with my three and a half year old were a major source of stress. After multiple failed attempts at getting my son to like vegetables I felt trapped in a power-struggle rut, buying foods for my son that I didn't feel great about, but feeling as though I had few other options. After taking the course I am now equipped with the tools I was lacking, as well I have gained confidence in executing a new and extremely effective approach that is centered around fostering a positive relationship with food for the long-term. Literally within days of beginning the course and implementing some of the strategies mealtimes began to look completely different- much calmer, and actually enjoyable for everyone! My son has embraced that he is a 'learning eater', and we continue to celebrate wins on a regular basis. The knowledge and support I have received through this course has been invaluable and instrumental on our journey from 'chaos to calm'.

Holistic Approach

Stephanie, Mom of 3, Ontario CA

Prior to taking this course, I often felt overwhelmed and helpless about how to encourage my children to be comfortable exploring new foods. Throughout the course I felt both reassured and challenged to try new things. Rosanne had a supportive and non-judgmental approach, assisting us as participants to explore various factors that may be negatively impacting family mealtimes. Tools and strategies were also presented, and Rosanne had a wealth of knowledge when responding to questions. I have no doubt I will use the workbook I received as a reference for years to come. Professionally I have a background in social work, and I appreciated the holistic approach Rosanne presented. She encouraged us to consider our own beliefs and biases about food, as well as individual factors impacting our families, setting us up for success instead of simply focusing on strategies. One of the things I enjoyed most about this course was the video chats with Rosanne and other participants. In this format, we were able to interact with the material from the previous week, and ask questions so we could better apply our learning to our own families. In the midst of a busy family schedule, this also held me accountable to stay on top of the material. If anyone is struggling with family mealtimes or “picky” eating, I highly recommend this course!

No more power struggles

S & E, Parents of 2, Ontario CA

My husband and I sought out Rosanne's help after our 4.5 year old became hyper focused on snack time and negotiating meals while stuck at home during COVID. She's always been a relatively picky eater but the constant talking about food and treats was something new, and I didn't know how to handle it! After a quick intro call with Rosanne, we chose to take the Chaos 2 Calm course because each week's topic was of interest to us. We quickly learned what our responsibility in the feeding relationship was, and what to let go of. I realized when her pickiness got worse, I tried to control feeding more, leading to a power struggle. Now that I only decide what, when and were to eat, and she gets to decide how much to eat, the pressure has been removed and we've seen a dramatic change in her attitude towards food and mealtime. I highly recommend Chaos 2 Calm, we've learned so much more than I could have anticipated!!

Trust around food

Stephanie, Mom of 2, Ontario CA

As a mother of two young boys I was very excited to take this course! Meal times were never horrible for us, but I was in the midst of a season of struggling at meal time with my 2 year old which caused stressful mealtimes for everyone, and I was left worrying about what he was eating (or more so what he wasn't eating!) By taking this course, I feel so much more confident in how to feed my kiddos. Meal time is way more peaceful and we are building an amazing relationship of trust around food. I love knowing that my kids are learning to be adventurous and intuitive eaters. This course equips you with all the right tools to navigate feeding your kids. There's also interesting information around nutrition specifics too!

A realistic approach

Alison and Peter Donahue, Parents of 3, Ontario CA

I'm so glad we took this course, and wish we had taken it when our kids were younger! We would recommend it to anyone! We feel more confident and relaxed in how we parent when it comes to anything related to food. We're glad we're rid of the "one bite" rule, and our meal times are focused on being together instead of being a stressful time where we're in conflict about food. Surprisingly, despite our new, more flexible meal time rules, the kids are eating a larger variety of food than they ever have. We feel more confident now to say yes or no to when the kids ask for snacks. We feel more relaxed and assured that our kids are getting enough nutrients. Most importantly, both parents are on the same page about how we manage meals and rules around food. The instructor, Rosanne, became a household name. Her videos are enjoyable to watch as she has such enthusiasm and a passion for working with families. Her experience and knowledge, combined with her energy, made the course both informative and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take before I see results and my child is eating better?

    This is dependent on so many factors. It is impossible to predict how long it will take! Most families will start to see initial progress as soon as they start to lovingly, but firmly and with consistency, implement the course strategies at home. Your child's initial progress might look like your son sitting at the table for 10 minutes or your daughter no longer screaming "yuck" at dinner. I CAN'T guarantee that your child will eat 'x' amount of vegetables by the end of the course. I CAN guarantee that you will have the tools you need to move from a state of chaos to calm at mealtimes and explore and talk about food in a positive way that will set them up for a long term success as a competent and intuitive eater.

  • How long do I have access to the course materials?

    You will have full access to the course materials for the lifetime of the course (which means as long as I run the course). The course workbooks and handouts are all downloadable and can be saved or printed for future reference.

  • What age is this course geared towards?

    The strategies in this course are designed for children as young as 1 or 2 years up to about 9 or 10 years of age. (Please note that transitioning to solids is not covered in this class.)

  • What is the weekly time commitment for the course?

    I know you're busy! I've designed this course for you! There are 3-5 pre-recorded video lessons every week that are on average ~5-10 minutes in length with some simple reflections. Plan to set aside 5 x 15 minute blocks OR do all the lessons at once in just over an hour. If you plan to tune into both live coaching / Q&A calls, this would require an additional 2 hours of your time over the 6 weeks.

  • Is this course only for moms?

    Absolutely not! We have designed this course so that you and your parenting partner can listen to the videos, complete the activities and participate in the live calls. My experience from working with hundreds of families shows me that when both parenting partners hear the strategies directly from me, there is greater success in implementing them and quicker results.

  • Is this course covered by my health insurance?

    Many extended health insurance benefit plans have coverage for the services of a Registered Dietitian. You need to inquire with your individual benefits plan provider. If you need an official receipt, simply ask and we will forward that to you ASAP.

Hi! I'm Rosanne, your course instructor.

Mama of 2 and you're next biggest cheerleader!


Rosanne Robinson

Rosanne Robinson is a registered dietitian, and co-owner of Blueprint Nutrition, a virtual nutrition practice (based in Waterloo, Ontario Canada). In addition to her counselling work in pediatrics, she is a professional speaker, consultant, and regular contributor with CTV News and Breakfast Television Toronto. Rosanne is a mother to two energetic children, a 10-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl. Her clinical experience combined with her personal feeding challenges with her own children helps her to provide compassionate, realistic, evidence-based strategies to create happier mealtimes. As a farmer's daughter, she has a passion growing (and eating) many different foods and believes that all foods fit!

No more second guessing ...

A small investment for a big transformation

This course is valued at over $1,500!!

  • 2 hours of live group coaching by a registered dietitian ($390+)
  • 30 pre-recorded teaching videos ($750+)
  • 100+ pages of "forever yours" downloadable & printable content from workbooks and handouts ($200+)
  • Insights from experts in pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition, occupational therapy and counselling ($250+)

Don't wait for picky eating to fix itself

Give yourself the gift you deserve - peaceful stress-free mealtimes!